architects showroom Amsterdam

The Architects Showroom Amsterdam is the place for the latest trends, innovations and knowledge. 23 international companies are represented on IJburg, where you can go for advice and stable material. We help you and your client further in the development and design of your building. Take the time to work with and among all you need to realize your project. Everything in one place in an inspiring environment.

Architects Showroom Amsterdam

The project collection of De Ploeg can be seen in the Architect Showroom Amsterdam. Please contact us for an appointment.

Pedro de Medinalaan 1a
1086 XK Amsterdam

T +3120 261 60 04     

Opening hours:
monday t/m friday from 09.00 till 17.00 uur

De Ploeg:
Postbus 298
NL-5700 AG Helmond
The Netherlands
t 0492 386470
f 0492 386471


De Ploeg's Project Team is ready to be of assistance for questions, swatches, the specifications service, measurements and any other matters. Please contact De Ploeg's Project team on +31 (0)492 38 64 60 during office hours.