The Dutch weaving mill De Ploeg was established in 1923 as a cooperative and has designed, developed, woven and sold fabrics ever since.

De Ploeg has been well-known to the Dutch general public as a weaving mill and supplier of curtain and upholstery fabrics since the nineteen twenties. De Ploeg is also well-known internationally. By giving a lot of attention to developments in taste, style and technology, De Ploeg's designers develop original fabrics, which are highly valued by both consumers and professional users of fabrics, such as furniture manufacturers, upholsterers and architects. De Ploeg stands for traditional quality and aesthetically high-quality curtain and upholstery fabrics which are produced at its own facilities.


functionality & aesthetics

Since 1923, De Ploeg's designers have worked as a team to put together new collections. Cultural shape and colour developments, technology and functionality form the starting point of every collection.


De Ploeg: harvest

1919 De ploeg

1919 Members of De Ploeg Cooperative in Best, the Netherlands

Historie 1923

1923 De Ploeg logo - Design: Cees de Haas

 Historie 1941

1941 De Ploeg logo - Design: Roelof van Daalen

Historie 1955

1955 Congo armchair (Artifort) with Kyoto upholstery - Design: Lewin Allcopley

Historie 1957

1957 Construction of the Rietveld factory building

Historie 1958

1958 De Ploeg logo

Historie 1968

1968 1-2-3 dresses / printed fabric - Design: Ulf Moritz

Historie 1970

1970 Martin Visser sofa

Historie 2002

2002 De Ploeg logo - Design: Vandejong

Historie 2003

2003 Home at home

Historie 2007

2007 De Ploeg becomes part of the Hunter Douglas

Historie 2008

2008 Blomm upholstery

Historie 2010

2010 IMM Cologne furniture trade fair

Historie 2011

2011 Introduction of De Ploeg cushions, footstools and rugs

De Ploeg:
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NL-5700 AG Helmond
The Netherlands
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f 0492 386471


De Ploeg's Project Team is ready to be of assistance for questions, swatches, the specifications service, measurements and any other matters. Please contact De Ploeg's Project team on +31 (0)492 38 64 60 during office hours.