values and inspiration

De Ploeg: design vision

From the very beginning, De Ploeg has worked with honest materials and has had a distinct approach towards design and the world around us. During the development phase of our fabrics, we take the following things into consideration: 

  •  Conscious design, timelessness, integrity and innovation.
  •  The conscious use of raw materials and production processes.
  •  The conscious deployment of people, optimal comfort, people-friendliness and safety.
  • Looking at the environmental aspects for each individual fabric.

"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." (UN BRUNDTLAND COMMISSION, 1987)


De Ploeg: values and inspiration

De Ploeg's collection emphasizes the values and inspiration which it stands for:

Think Forward innovation, research, form, function, colour, material
Simply Good Sense quality, functionality, made to last
Still Design still, involved, Dutch, (verstilling)
Original Timeless Quality design classics/ architectural, durable, simply good
Nature Made pure material, nature
New Goods/ Good News original, reliable, recyclable, happy simple things
Collection Family combinations in colours and structures ad value
De Ploeg:
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The Netherlands
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De Ploeg's Project Team is ready to be of assistance for questions, swatches, the specifications service, measurements and any other matters. Please contact De Ploeg's Project team on +31 (0)492 38 64 60 during office hours.