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  • Sad goodbye Christel Verhoeven
  • De Ploeg at Masterly

    De Ploeg at Masterly

    De Ploeg at Masterly Milaan 4-9 april

  • De Ploeg: Book

    De Ploeg: Book

    De Ploeg has been working on ideas for the home, life and work for almost a century now. For as long as we’ve been established, we’ve been designing, developing, producing and bringing curtain and upholstery fabrics to the market. Caring about your living environment, the world you live in. Focussed on craftsmanship, design and natural materials. Ploeg fabrics!

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De Ploeg's Project Team is ready to be of assistance for questions, swatches, the specifications service, measurements and any other matters. Please contact De Ploeg's Project team on +31 (0)492 38 64 60 during office hours.