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  • Flexible working
  • Flexible working
  • Flexible working
Flexible working practices have prompted new developments in the furnishing of business premises such as offices and meeting rooms, but also hospitals and hotel lobbies. Architects strive to create a comfortable working environment for staff and customers. Light, noise, temperature and ease of use are important factors here. De Ploeg curtain fabrics are designed to contribute toward a good living and working environment. Aesthetics, functionality, comfort and durability work hand in hand to achieve this.


Every room has different acoustic needs according to its size, shape and function. De Ploeg has a number of upholstery and curtain fabrics that absorb sound, thus improving the acoustics in a room. The fabrics are also fire-retardant, making them ideal for the project market.

Light reflection

The right window covering ensures an agreeable indoor climate. This is not only pleasant for people, but it also helps save energy. What is more, an agreeable indoor climate boosts productivity. In order to keep out heat and limit energy use through air conditioning, it is important to block out sunlight to a certain extent. Heat radiation can be let through, absorbed or reflected, depending on the transparency, colour, thickness and shine of the material. De Ploeg’s collection includes curtain fabrics with outstanding values for reflection, absorption and transmission. As a result, these fabrics have an energy-saving effect and contribute toward a comfortable working environment.

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