being green

You can view the environmental aspects of each of our products. We have classified the different types of quality in a "Green Code". De Ploeg’s quality is assessed on eight aspects.
1 Made to last : Durability/lifespan of the product
2 Right material : Environmentally-friendly materials/raw materials
3 Avoiding landfills : Recycling, waste reused as raw materials
4 Clean production : Environmentally-friendly and effective production
5 Transport footprint : An efficient approach to transport
6 Social responsibility : Corporate social responsibility
7 Innovation : Innovative development
8 Comfort and well-being : Comfort and user-friendliness


De Ploeg: Green Code

The Green Code makes it possible to compare the different types of quality with each other and to formulate (improvement) objectives with regard to product development, so that well-considered choices can be made by us and our customers.

This has resulted in a Green Code, where platinum represents the most environmentally-friendly product and no Green Code represents the least environmentally-friendly product. The Green Code is communicated as shown below and is stated on the product information sheet. Coloured globes.

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