Koda Amsterdam + De Ploeg:

Re-use of De Ploeg fabric cutting waste: During the past year Diana van Dongen and De Ploeg have been working on the Re-use Project. This has resulted in a new brand: Koda Amsterdam.

Koda Amsterdam came to be after a period of intense cooperation. Dutch designers were inspired by de Ploeg fabrics, creating a first series of products consisting of bags, sleeves, stools and jewellery. All unique products as the variety in cutting waste ensures that every design is different. Made with love by Dutch design workshops.

Dutch Design Week 2013

During the Dutch Design Week 2013 (19 to 27 October 2013), Koda Amsterdam will present its first new products. Koda can be found at Yksi, Torenallee 22-04, Strijp S in Eindhoven.

Designers who worked on the Koda products are:

Nikki Giling - Jo Meesters - Wendy Lek - Sarah Mesritz - Chris van Veghel

De Ploeg:
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De Ploeg's Project Team is ready to be of assistance for questions, swatches, the specifications service, measurements and any other matters. Please contact De Ploeg's Project team on +31 (0)492 38 64 60 during office hours.